Monday, October 20, 2008

Where's the molding?

I had every intention of finishing the molding around the new bathroom window before starting the next project – really. It’s been 3 weeks and I still only have masking tape around the perimeter of the window where the molding SHOULD be by now! The masking tape will keep the insulation fibers from settling on every horizontal surface in our bathroom – smart, right? Something must have told me that the molding installation would be delayed – probably my track record. I have more unfinished projects than I care to admit. But, I cannot take all the blame- I’ve got plenty of help. I hate to keep bringing her up, but let’s face it – my wife keeps my schedule. When I announce which project I will try to tackle on the upcoming weekend – Dawn will clue me into the itinerary of our busy little offspring.

Three of them play soccer – chickie4 just started at 4 years old. chickie2 plays lacrosse and basketball during the off season and chickie3 is a soccer purist. Chickie1 should be lead in a NY City Ballet performance at Lincoln Center with all the money we’ve spent between classes, outfits, costumes, (I can’t believe how much stockings cost!) makeup and let’s not forget how much fuel and time is spent running her back and forth from the dance studio.

Most Saturdays we need to split up. I’ll take one or two and Dawn will take the others. That leaves me only Sunday – unless of course there’s a family function or other distraction requiring our attendance or Dawn may have something else in mind – such as….
“I can’t find anything!”

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bj said...

ahhhh, but the off-springs are soooo cute !!
Don't worry....everyone else in the world is doing just what you are doing and never finding enuf time to finish any one thing!!