Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"I can't find anything!"

I started our basement renovation last year and had every intention of finishing by last Christmas – does this sound like a recurring theme? I even had a construction schedule printed from my computer (that slipped every week – but at least I knew how far behind I was falling.). Half the basement is for the kids and their games. The other (less than) half would be for crafting and Dawn’s projects and work area.
During construction, I needed somewhere to keep the basement clutter – much of which is possessions not yet unpacked from our move into the house 5 years ago. All of this stuff needed to be relocated so I could work – the result, a mountain of plastic bins and boxes. Storing things you don’t need is one thing – for Dawn not to be able to work because much of her supplies are packed, who knows where, is an entirely different matter.
Dawn, giving up any hope phase 2 (her work area) will be started any time soon exclaims, “I can’t find anything!” and decides we are going to unpack everything – this weekend. Dawn has always been spontaneous. Me, I like to plan - she has a thought and needs to act, immediately. No problem, but I needed to make a point to tell her the bathroom window molding will not be finished this weekend - once again, starting another project before finishing the last. She agreed, taking full responsibility – this time. (I’ll consider this documented proof.)
Naturally, I need to do the heavy lifting and moving. She said she’ll unpack everything – which doesn’t really put me at ease – actually, I would have preferred to unpack. Why? Well, when we moved out of our first home, Dawn was 6 months pregnant with Sophia. In order to help out, I did a lot of the packing – see where I’m going with this? My method of packing differs from Dawn’s – although mine makes sense to me while I’m packing. I’ll try to optimize space in a box – Dawn will keep categories separate. Yesterday, one of my calculators that I have not seen in……5 years - was on the kitchen counter. Dawn said she found it in a box marked “Kitchen” that was full of Tupperware! OK, so the calculator was probably in the kitchen when I was packing and there was probably room in the box. I guess I figured everything would be unpacked after we moved into the new house – not still in boxes after 5 years! I wonder what else she’ll find that I haven’t seen in 5 years that I’ve needed so badly.


bj said...

Hahahaaa...been there...done that!
Don't cha know we (being women) never unpack EVERYTHING when we move. At least,not any time soon!!

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Ahhh so nice to see a mea culpa :)

Having been a victim..uhh recipient ... of a dh packing I can truly sympathize with your Sweetie, and you LOL.

Craft Diva said...

you have no idea the boxes i have in the basement...and we moved 6 years ago...and i haven't unpacked them. sooooo...i can sympathize.

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

The mouldings are beautiful. I try my best to categorize boxes too but usually will fill them up than staying sticking to the categories..

Pei Li

The Przybylos of MI said...

It is a shame that you do not post any longer. My husband and I enjoy your blog so much. Your satire is without compare :0) You do such a nice job highlighting the highs and making light of the lows of a "home in the making."

Best of luck in the New Year. We hope the new year offers you many more opportunities to spin your tales of around-the-home foolishness :0)