Monday, September 1, 2008

We need a fence

Last week, I received one of my wife’s frantic phone calls. She tends to call me in the middle of a tragedy at home. I think she does it just so I don’t feel left out.
“We need a fence!” I know this doesn’t seem like something to get excited over, but I know my wife - something must have happened. “Chickie2 was chasing a ball, tripped over a stump and fell in the neighbors driveway!” Normally, this would be no big deal. Chickie2 (our 10 year old) has been tripping and falling and running into things since he was able to stand on his feet - Chickie2 doesn’t know how walk. So, how did this particular fall become my fault? Most things are my fault, some are just easier to point back in my direction. You see, we’ve discussed installing a fence before. The kids are constantly chasing a ball, through the hemlocks bordering our property, into the road. I actually had a fence contractor come to the house and give us an estimate of $2500 to supply and install a new wood fence – nothing fancy, no gate, no PVC covering, just a plain wood fence. So, we both agreed, I’d be installing the fence - myself.
OK, so now there’s been an injury. See how this is my fault? Next came Dawn’s plan; “…so, this weekend chickie2 has a soccer tournament on Saturday and Sunday…both games start at 2pm, so you’ll have both mornings to get the fence done.” My reply was, “OK, no problem.” - knowing full well that even if I had two full days to install about 100 linear feet of fence, it wouldn’t be enough time. Additionally, I’m in the middle of a basement renovation and about a half dozen other repairs that are much more urgent. So, once again, they’ll be another unfinished house project. But, after 16 years of marriage, I’ve learned it doesn’t pay to argue when she’s in an emotional mood. She only wants to hear one thing out of my mouth and that was it.
Well, as usual, she did eventually come back to her senses and we all had a good laugh at the soccer field. The thought of me outside digging post holes while she would have had to run around all morning getting everyone ready for an entire afternoon at a soccer field was quite comical. Yes, the fence will eventually get done - hopefully before another injury - but as I said to one of the other dads as we both sat in our beach chairs watching the games – “This sure beats working around the house!”

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bj said...

lol....I can so relate to this. Being a woman, I tend to panic at this sort of thing, too, and just KNOW that Bill can FIX it in just a short time. He, too, has learned to say just what I want to hear!!
You guys!!