Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dawn's Arbor

So, the fence is almost done - enough so the dog doesn't escape and nobody gets hurt running through the bushes. The highlight of the project is the cedar arbor - something Dawn always wanted and I always wanted to build. I could have purchased one for what I paid in lumber but, as the guy at the lumber yard said, "What fun would that be?"

To start, I placed two (2) of the ten foot posts on either side of the gate - 3' buried, 7' above grade. For good drainage, the posts should be placed on top of 6" of gravel or small stones.

I built the sides of the arbor to match the fence tops.
These are about 2' x 4'.

I placed the lattice section between the posts. The easiest way to do that was to not bury the outer post until the lattice section was secure to the gate post. Then, I attached and buried the outer posts.

After all four posts are set with the lattice sides attached, I nailed the two cross members to the posts. The bottom clearance is 6'-8", same as a common doorway.

To finish, I notched the five top pieces and set them on top of the two cross members - just because I think that looks better than sitting the 2 x 6's on top.

The guy at the lumber yard was right - buying the finished arbor would have been no fun at all!

Want more detailed instructions? Just leave it in a comment.

(If you click on the photos, some of them will actually enlarge. I just need to figure out how to make them all do that!)

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